Feb 6, 2009

Facebook Demographics: Women over 55

Facebook posted some data on it's users.

Facebook US Audience Growth by Age and Gender. Facebook’s US audience has continued to grow in recent months, fueled by expansion primarily in users 26 and older. Facebook has been growing particularly rapidly amongst people over 45 in the US, as the charts show below: over 165% amongst both men and women 45-54 over the last 4 months.

While the fastest growing age group by total users is still 26-34, the number of women over 55 on Facebook grew by an astounding 175.3% since the end of September. Their male counterparts, however, weren’t able to keep up - growing by only 137.8%. The number of women over 55 on Facebook almost double the number of men over 55 on Facebook today. Read more on the Facebook blog.
And who says that FB is just for kids? Of the nearly 45.3 million active U.S. users in the last 30 days, 45% are 26 years old or older.

One of the critical jobs for dotgov is to engage with citizens and other users where they are. Data says that FB is not a niche anymore.

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