Feb 23, 2009

White House New Media Team Announced

From The Nation,
Several of the President's "key White House staff," according to a press release from Robert Gibbs, will manage large portfolios for Internet outreach and "citizen participation" online. The list includes several veterans of Obama's presidential campaign, naturally, a former web adviser to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and a former Google staffer who worked on the company's Moderator platform. --More from The Nation.
The new White House team is taking a holistic view of New Media. Basically the line is between traditional media--print and broadcast--and new media--communications using the Internet from email to websites to social media.

Team members named today are:
Macon Phillips, Director of New Media--since the election, he has served as Director of New Media for the Presidential Transition Team, developing Change.gov and overseeing the transition's overall online communications. Prior to that, he served as the Deputy Director of New Media for Obama for America, managing the day to day operations of the campaign's online program.

Cammie Croft, Deputy New Media Director--comes to the White House from the Obama-Biden Transition Project, where she served as the Deputy New Media Director, specializing in online communications. Prior to that, as the New Media Rapid Response Manager for the Obama for America campaign, she oversaw efforts to integrate new media and communications.

Jason Djang, Deputy Director for Video--served on the New Media video teams for both Obama for America and the Obama-Biden Transition Project as an editor and producer.

Jesse Lee, Online Programs Director--worked in the New Media department for the Transition team doing online outreach, having done online communications for the Democratic National Committee during election season and the blog for Speaker Pelosi.

Katie Stanton, Director of Citizen Participation--coming from Google where she was a Principal in the New Business Development team responsible for OpenSocial, Google Moderator, and various election-related initiatives.

More details on the new team at whitehouse.gov.

[hattip to Andrew Wilson, @andrewpwilson]

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