Feb 26, 2009

Social Media Science: A Periodic Table

Rick Liebling put together a Periodic Table of Social Media Elements.
Periodic Table of Social Media
[click pic to enlarge]

This chart is interesting as much for the legend as the table itself. It's a road map to today's social media landscape with lists of influential bloggers, twitterers and experts; lists of terminology (we have all felt like we didn't know the secret handshake, this is so helpful); and a key to practices in social media (follow, hashtag, poke, status update).

I especially like the behaviors--what do people do within the social media space?
Social Media Behaviours: (These are the positive things you choose to do)
Sh = Share
Mt = Monitor
Fr = Friend
Cv = Converse
Cu = Customize
Li = Listen
En = Engage
Di = Dialogue
The idea is to mix up the different elements. I am not sure how that works, but this chart/legend is a great primer for people learning about social media and a great checklist for people who want to fill gaps in their social medial strategy.

Read Rick's post here.

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