Jan 19, 2009

A Change Is Gonna Come

Here is an incredible piece of news for dotgov. YouTube tries out downloads with Obama videos.
"Google Inc.'s YouTube began offering downloadable video for the first time [my emphasis] over the weekend with offerings on President-elect Barack Obama's ChangeDotGov channel.

Small 'Click to download' links began appearing under videos on Obama's channel, allowing users to download the video to their computers and devices rather than simply stream them online." Read (a little) more here
This news is an exciting harbinger for people working to use social media in government. It has been really hard for government to work with Web 2.0 providers. Hard to talk to the right people. Hard to make headway in moving projects forward. Government has different rules and LAWS that interrupts use of social media. What I read from this snippet, is that the Obama team is talking to the right people to make changes, and that this should trickle throughout government.

My first request in using this conduit--Let's work with the private sector to put making social media more accessible to people with disabilities at the top of their list. Rather than seeing Section 508 as a barrier, let's work collaboratively between the private and public sector to make information more available to everyone.

The video below isn't so much related, but what a performance! [hey it's my blog, I can do what I want!]

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