Jan 11, 2009

Wiki White House

The end of the crazy week meant that I got my weeks mixed up and missed the Wiki White House program sponsored by The New America Foundation and Wired at the DC Google offices.

The Command Line--Wiki White House has a great summary. I especially was interested in the discussion on public discussion.
"There was some good practical discussion of how to get the most value out of online action. Craig spoke about filters, putting tools into the hands of the public to vote up good ideas and vote down the noise. There are certainly many examples already of how such systems can work well. Sascha felt the key was to make the discussion relevant to as many members of the public as possible and was generally optimistic that the value of such interaction outweighed any inevitable trolls (Craig used the actual term) that may come along along with other risks, like inadvertent information disclosure. Sascha’s remarks also reminded me of Eben Moglen’s on pairing the best minds with the hardest problems. Sascha advocated for opening up information to get it into public hands, where it may be paired with deep interest for better analysis than either the government or private interests alone can achieve." --Read the whole summary here.
Better yet, New America Foundation YouTubed it (runtime about 72 minutes).

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