Jan 24, 2009

Influence Ripples--Not A Straight Line

Influence Ripples, originally uploaded by David Armano.

Great visualization of the ripples of distribution and influence in social media. I like it especially because it represents the overlapping and interconnectedness of today's communications.

Communications is not one way, and it is definitely not linear. I am going to spend more time studying this image.

David Armano is the creator of this image graph. I got the reference for this from Shannon Paul's blog.

Today Shannon talks (very smartly) about why blogs matter for communicators. And let's face it, we are ALL communicators.

Whether anyone likes it or not, information no longer travels in a straight shot from company to journalist to public.

Instead, it bounces back and forth between all three. It’s just as possible for information to swell up from the public to the journalist to the company, or from the public to the company to the journalist. Or from the journalist to the company to the public and back again.

...More than three quarters of journalists see blogs as helpful in giving them story ideas, story angles, and insight into the tone of an issue, according to a study conducted last year by Brodeur, a unit of of Omnicom Group in conjunction with Marketwire. --Read the entire post.
Why is this important for government? It's more important to understand the communications ecosystem than to use the newest tools. Creating a myspace or Facebook page doesn't mean that you are succeeding in communicating. What are you trying to accomplish? How does this tool or technology fit your goals? Are you reaching your audience(s)? And the next important question, are you ready to let your audience reach you?

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