Jan 6, 2009

Secret Underground Guide to Social Media

If you are interested in learning about social networking for your organization put this little (23 page) e-book on your reading list, The Secret Underground Guide to Social Media for Organizations, by our Canadian neighbour Colin McKay. (Colin works for the Canadian government, so he knows a bit about large bureaucratic orgs.)

The book is terrific because Colin emphasizes the critical success factor in introducing and using social media organizationally -- actually using it yourself.

The only way that I have been able to explain an RSS feed to somebody is to show them and watch the lightbulb go off. The only way to understand Twitter is to actually tweet--signing up for an account and sending "test" doesn't count. The best way to see how easy it is to edit a page on Wikipedia is to just do it. And so on.

Colin's e-book has alot of other very good tips and advice, rounded out by the idea that if you want to use social media in your agency, you need to get into training so you are ready when they (finally) are. Get the book!

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