Mar 12, 2009

In the Clouds? Cloud Computing Is Real

It seems that everyone has their heads up in the cloud--cloud computing. There also seems to be more than a few people who misunderstand what it is. Some people actually believe that there is a magic cloud "up there," where magic happens. For free.

There are some misleading definitions, like this one,
Cloud computing is the concept where agencies put software and information on the Internet so it is accessible from anywhere, at anytime. It is similar to the services offered by Google, Yahoo or companies that provide online e-mail or document access.--More from Federal News Radio.
While true in "concept," the cloud is physical, too. You don't "put software on the Internet." Software and data have to be hosted somewhere, just like on your hard drive. The "cloud" is really a third party server farm that you can buy (or use) a portion. It saves money because a business or government doesn't have to maintain servers and you can increase or decrease capacity as needed.

Here is a great little video that talks about cloud computing. It will help you in your discussions either by making you smarter or as a resource to help make others around you smarter.


  1. This was a very accurate explanation of the cloud computing movement. Thanks I will be twitting this


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