Mar 7, 2009

Is He A God?

Image of Google news search for Vivek KundraIn Ghostbusters, after an especially electrifying experience with the bad guy, Winston advises Ray, "If someones asks you if you are a god, you SAY YES!"

Normally, I think that this is very good advice. But in the case of incoming federal CIO Vivek Kundra, I would recommend hedging a bit on this kind of assertion.

Not that he needs to assert his diety-ness himself. A quick Google news search this afternoon found 247 news articles on the D.C. CTO geek-superstar--most of them with high praise, and high expectations.

And these expectations are not checked at the media door. Speaking to folks working in dot-gov, many of my colleagues are really excited by the changes that the innovative, out of the box Kundra will bring. All this expectation, and the new guy is bound to #fail.

What are feds waiting for Kundra to do? To come into Dodge City (DC) and clear the town of the troublemakers? As a matter of fact, Kundra cannot do it without the help and support of the very feds who see him as riding in on the white horse. WE ARE KUNDRA.

Ghandi said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world." This isn't the time to wait for someone else to make things happen, it's time for us to make change happen.

[Special thanks to Candi who inspires me. See her post Transition Tests Leadership]

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  1. "We are Kundra" - I like that! This sort of gives more heft to Obama's much maligned comment in the media, "We are the ones we've been waiting for". Bottom line, the era of John Wayne coming to save the day while we all sit around and applaud are long gone (assuming they ever existed). Kundra's job is to figure out how to enable the harnessing of this mass enery for transformation into a directed force.


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